Friday, December 29, 2006

9 Steppingstones to Grace

Again, thanks to Molly Gordon for permission to reprint her article from her newsletter, Authentic Promotion.

Every day we are bombarded with messages about what it means to be successful and happy, and that can make it hard to notice that you live in a state of Grace. Here are nine things you can do to remember.

1. Time: Make a time budget to account for eveything you do and wish that you could do. Add up how much time you would need for all of that, and then make some choices. Help yourself to a downloadable tool here. It's the very first item listed.

2. De-clutter. Go to; hire an organixer; clip a column from the daily paper and follow the directions for cleaning out your closet. Make room for life to move. If it's your desk that's cluttered, email for help.

3. Money. Ask yourself and your family what it would be like to live as if you all had a wonderful relationship with money. Talk about it over dinner, on car trips, or when cleaning out the garage.

4. Work. The nicest boss in the world (and the nicest co-workers) will take advantage of you if you do not know your limits. If you are self-employed, do NOT trust your boss or you will never have a life. ;-) Take at least one full day off each week. Please!

5. Volunteer commitments and favors: Try the selfishness test. Say no to any request you wouldn't comply with if no one were watching.

6. Laugh. Laugh some more. For a list of gut-busting videos, send a blank email to

7. Do The Work. Visit Download a workshet. Read a few articles. Then do The Work in writing on one stressful thought per day for a month. Amazing!

8. Perspective. Visit . You'll discover that you are already wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of most people on the planet. Breathe. Say "thank you." Decline the temptation to dive into middle or upper class liberal guilt. Say "thank you" again. If your being wealthy is not a problem, and it's not, what is it?

9. Reflect. Each day before you go to sleep notice what you are most and least grateful for. Jot it down. Over time this is a great compass and it takes less than five minutes a day. Get a free discernment guide by sending a blank email to .

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