Monday, November 05, 2007

A Tribute to Matthew Kalman

Matthew Kalman, founder of the London Integral Circle and a co-founder of ken Wilber's Integral Institute, has just launched an amazing, comprehensive website called "Integral Strategies."

Mathew's London Integral Circle was one of the first, if not the first, organized integral salons in the world, and was the model for creating SeattleIntegral, the salon I helped co-found. LIC is one of the largest salons in the world, at over 250 members.

Integral Strategies, his latest contribution to the integral world, worth cannot be calculated and should not be overlooked. It is an awesome accomplishment, thorough, and of immeasurable value. For this to be pulled off by one person (I think) makes it even more remarkable.
It offers information like: Real world integral-related projects and strategies, on topics including climate change, AIDS and environmental communication (Do please send in further good ones you'd like to add!)

(Here's another example of one integral project on the site: `An Architectural Practice as an Integral Organisation' by Vernon Collisand Anna Cowen:
It also boasts perhaps the most complete international listing of local Integral Salons and groups (add yours), reviews of 100's of the most important integral-related books – most of them recommended by Ken Wilber himself at, a round-up of (mostly free) online tests and assessments around all the Quadrants – with descriptions of their relevance to personal growth and organisational development at

Plus, there's a comprehensive round-up of integral blogs, links, online communities, etc., etc. He's asked that if you like what he's doing, to please add a hotlink to IntegralStrategies from our websites or blogs (this will enable it to appear in Google search results).

Matthew says the site has been a labor of love, and his love radiates for all to see through it.
Thanks, Matthew.


Matthew Kalman said...

Hi Gary,

I'm so glad you liked the website - it's great to be given a 'tribute' (a first for me!), especially from someone whose opinion I really value.

I did indeed pretty much write all the site myself (except the piece about the pioneering Integral-orientated architecture practice in South Africa).

It took a loooong time.

Actually, I didn't really finish the site before launching it - I'd wanted to write up far more real-world integral projects, and add in many more little book reviews I've done.

But it takes ages doing all this, so I thought I'd better just put something online.

If people want to help the site become more useful to the Integral world, please send in info about:

- Integral salons
- Real world integral projects
- Assessments (esp. online ones) round all the Quadrants

A couple of the links you posted didn't seem to work (spaces appeared in the URL):

Integral Books page is here:

The Tests and Assessments round the quadrants page is here:

This is still a beta test version of the site - I'd really appreciate feedback from people on what's working and what isn't, and how to improve it generally:

And if anyone knows Dreamweaver and can give me some advice, do get in touch. There are various glitches round the site...

Best wishes,

(webmaster, )

PS I've never been a webmaster before; the first few days have been... fun :-)

Kari said...

I find the site, very useful and totally understand about launching things before they are "finished."

It is good enough, and I will keep telling people about it.

Way to go on accomplishing a lot, Matthew! I love the openness and the spirit with which you have offered the site.

Thanks Gary!