Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Change: This of a Personal Nature.

"The only constant in Life is Change." - Heraclitus

The first time I heard that quote was at a networking marketing meeting in a hotel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It has become to carry such incredible meaning for me over the last fifteen years.

This is a time of radical personal change for me. I have not been blogging because I haven't had time. I've been building my freelance illustration and design business (click on my illustration at the head of this post to see a larger version), starting to build a new house west of Asheville, NC, with my beloved Anyaa, leading two new men's groups in a process I call "Integral Warriors: Embodying the New Masculine," and working full time.

Working full time for someone else comes to an end in three weeks.

Living in Seattle comes to an end in four weeks.

I'm looking for a new name for my blog!

I'm moving to a conscious community and retreat center located 60 miles west of Asheville, NC, on march 21st, where I'll continue working as a freelance artist, leading groups, and building our house, and loving this amazing woman!

Did I mention I'm looking for a new name for my blog?

The illustration above is seriously copyrighted! Don't even try to copy it! Copyright 2008


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very big adventure and a LOT of change. Although I haven't seen you often in the last couple of years, I've known that you were nearby. Soon it will no longer be an option to drive into town to see you or to have you visit us. I wish only happiness for you and Anyaa, but I'll miss you.

Tony Stark said...

I'm originally from North Carolina (Chapel Hill) hope you have a nice time there. Why don't you call the blog....."Integral in Asheville"....just a thought

Gary Stamper said...

Tony, I'm not living in Asheville, but about 60 miles west.....maybe I could call it "Integral West of Asheville"....Uh...or not! Actually, friend came up with the new name.