Thursday, August 27, 2009

A channeled message from Sri Goji

(Gary's note: lately I've been channeling a semi-enlightened teacher who calls himself "Sri Goji." Goji is apparently from a small eastern country somewhere between India and Pakistan, although he refuses to be specific. He says he is always berry, berry happy to be anywhere. Sometimes he completely takes me over and makes me do stand-up in front of audiences...totally embarrassing me. Recently, he channeled this message for the people of America, while holding the Sacred Book, The Innaghadadavitta. It is said that Sri is my altered-ego)

My friends in America: I am in much distress over the ever-widening chasm developing between your citizenry. Your bad vibes are entering the cosmic stream, infecting the unconscious consciousness of the entire universe, and you're starting to piss some other beings off. You must realize that what you are going through is a test, and so far you're not doing too good, so they are getting testy. You are setting a bad example. Stop it!!

So many in your country are acting idiotic, being diabolic, nationalistic, moronic, dogmatic, absolutistic, evangelistic, fanatic, horrific, illogic, homophobic, imperialistic, jingoistic, nationalistic, problematic, sadistic, ethnocentric, and going ballistic with traumatic results!

Can't you see that's way too much "IC(k)?"

You don't cut it out, someone's going to go apocalyptic on you!

Here's what you need to do, it's berry, berry simple: You have to change your "IC(k)" to "I SEE."

You need to be more optimistic, organic, authentic, realistic, synergistic, dynamic, tantric, enthusiastic, ecstatic, world and universe-centric, galactic, strategic, and mentally orgasmic.

Do you "see" the lack of "IC(k)" in these words? They are "I SEE" oriented!

You know who you are. knock it off. It used to be the men who were doing this stuff, and it now palins....oops....get the "L" out....pains me to see this behavior from women, too. Get smart and live. Stay stupid and die off. It's your choice.

I'm going to have a corona.

Your friend and teacher,


(Gary's note, con't: Sri will be performing at the Priest-ess Convergence happening in Kansas City in September)

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