Saturday, February 20, 2010

What IS the Integral Warrior/Shamanic Priest Process?

We have the ability and tools we need to improve our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the planet. The big question is, “Do we have the will?”

The Integral Warrior is a six weekend men’s process that takes place over several months time. The process combines Jungian and emerging archetypes, cutting edge Integral and developmental systems theory, ancient Shamanic wisdom traditions of altered-state consciousness like Shamanic Breathwork and Journeying, meditation, guided imagery, Shamanic death and rebirth, and ritual and deeply thought-out initiations.

This combination of new and old, available to humanity for the first time in its fullness, creates a new paradigm of learning and healing that creates new awareness of who we are, why we do what we do, and where we’re headed. The process helps men move toward new structures of consciousness. By building a stronger existing foundation, we create the platform that allows the New Masculine to begin emerging in just a few months, a process that generally takes years to unfold, if it is to happen at all.

We have what we need to be the models for this emerging consciousness. As the sayings go, “If not now, when…if not you, who,” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Here’s a brief overview of the six segments:

Integral Warrior Weekend Segments

Introductory Weekend: Weekend One is a special introductory weekend designed to allow men to experience the Priest archetype within and the Shamanic Priest Process before committing to the entire journey. It consists of introductions to the major Jungian archetypes, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. What is the Divine Masculine and why is it so important? Introduction to Integral Theory (the most comprehensive map of human consciousness yet) and the Spiral Dynamics developmental model. Learn about how the masculine grows, and why. A guided Shamanic Journey into our psyches. A beginning exploration into the King archetype, what is initiation and why are they so critical, and an overview of the remaining process and weekends.

At the end of the introductory weekend, men will have an opportunity to decide whether or not they want to experience the full process consisting of an additional six weekends.

Weekend Two: The first of the Four Initiations, The Warrior Archetype, and Initiation and emergence of the Spiritual Warrior; Finding your purpose, integrity, authenticity, standing firm for what you believe is right. Deeper into Integral Theory, Lines, States and Stages, and Spiral Dynamics. Guided imagery on Warrior past lives and the shadow of the warrior. Discovering your deepest purpose and your mission. Nine steps to becoming the Spiritual Warrior. Claiming the Spiritual Warrior archetype through ritual and Initiation.

Weekend Three: The Lover Archetype, finding your Inner Beloved, balancing masculine and feminine energies. Learning how to embody the Lover. Developing empathy and compassion through Open Heart practices. The Shadow of the Lover. Still deeper into Integral Theory. Big Mind, Big Heart: Shifting awareness of your inner landscape, experiential awareness of non-dual realization. Claiming the Lover archetype through ritual and the Second Initiation.

Weekend Four: The Magician archetype, and why the Shamanic Priest is the fullest expression of the Magician. Balancing the seen and unseen dimensions, Priesting to the world. Accepting the Mantle of Spiritual Leadership, Creating and holding sacred space. The Magician’s relationship to the King and the Lover. Discovering what you need and what’s needed on the planet at this time. Claiming the Magician archetype through ritual and the Third Initiation.

Weekend Five: Using Shamanic Breathwork, Sacred Art, and Initiation, travel between the seen and unseen to clear the blockages that prevent your King from emerging in his fullest manifestation, balancing and integrating the other archetypes so that each is fully accessible as is needed. Death of the Old King ritual, and the Fourth Initiation of the New King. Shamanic Breathwork Process is a powerful healing process using the breath to create an altered state of consciousness that inspires individuals to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer.

Weekend Six: Preparation for a self-proclaiming ceremony for the Emergence of the Shamanic Priest and Integral Warrior. Emergence Ceremony of the Integral Warrior/Shamanic Priest witnessed by friends and family.

In addition, each of the weekends is rich with our own personal stories, life experiences and histories of our relationships with the archetypes of the King Warrior, Lover, and Magician.

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