Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Integral Men's Conference

A Proposal and a Vision

We---a small group of integral men from around the US and Canada---are proposing a first-year conference for men who are beginning to emerge—or already have emerged—from a postmodern consciousness and worldview. The target men for the conference are either in the process of shifting from a “green”—pluralistic relativism—first tier perspective to a more “integral” self-actualized worldview, or have already transitioned to a broader second tier worldview that encompasses the largest possible perspective for each man.

We are now in the pre-planning stage and are looking for approximately six powerful Integral Leaders---men or women---who would be willing to talk about committing to serving on the Planning Team that will create what we hope will be an annual conference largely based on Ken Wilber's Integral Model and the vision stated here. 

Vision: The Integral Men's Conference promotes the evolutionary birth of a fully integrated masculine, in service to ourselves, each other, the feminine, and the planet we live on.

Mission: The conference will offer powerful integral teachers and presenters focusing on “real world” issues around what it means to be a man living at later-stage consciousness, from an integral perspective, in all aspects of our lives: Relationship, spirituality, women, money, economics, energy, environment, work, shadow, life purpose, sexuality, Gender issues, parenting, sustainability, community, purpose and mission, and more.

What do these real world issues look like at later-stage consciousness, how do they differ from first stage being? What unique problems are these men exposed to, and how do they navigate these issues in the real world that isn’t yet capable of honoring them? In addition to powerful presenters and thought leaders, there will be time to explore these particular issues through Q&A's with the presenters and with each other in break-out sessions.

Last for now, this is not intended to be a conference about integral theory, although there may be some of that. This is a conference that would apply Integral Theory to real world concerns and issues around masculinity.

If you're an Integral Leader that feels called to the vision and the mission of what we're calling "The Integral Men's Conference," please contact me as soon as possible.


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Michael Thorpe said...

Hi Gary - I am interested in supporting the conference but I am not sure I am at the level you are seeking for your planning committee. But please let me know if you see ways I can support the conference. It is a very exciting idea and way to meet other men who are on the journey while experiencing speakers who can help us move forward. Question - are you involved with Barbara Marx Hubbard's Birth 2o12 movement?