Thursday, January 12, 2006

Leading an Examined Life

The chart I created, shown here, is an "Interpersonal psychograph." This one was developed by me, about me, to try and measure my lines of development using "levels of proficiency" in leadership capacity.

As a leader, I want to know where my levels of proficiency are. For example, a person may poseess a high "level" of proficiency in cognitive ability (e.g. high I.Q.) but may have a low level of proficiency at at interpersonal skills (e.g. low E.Q.).

By identifying these levels of proficiency in ourselves and in our organizations, we learn how to best delegate, support and coach team members based on their, and our own, unique capabilities. It also enables us to develop specific "integral practices" to strengthen lesser developed proficiencies.

I bring this up because I was asked the other night if I knew of any tests that could be taken to determine someone's level development. We can never know too much about ourselves. A large part of living an integral life is understanding ourselves and why we are the way we are.

For instance, if I were to discover that I lacked a willingness to consider unsolicited feeback from others, I might want to know why, and then take steps to improve.

There several ways to examine your own level of development. One of the very best is the Leadership Development Profile (LDP) which is a profile of your style and orientation as a leader. Another good one is the Schimel Lode Self-Assessment of Interpersonal Capacities. The psychograph I posted at the top is based on that assessment. It's free! Tests like this can provide insights to your own development. Another group of free tests can be be found at

Last, try the fun tests at which calls itself the #1 Destination for Self-Discovery.. All sorts of tests, silly and serious. You used to hate to take tests? These are fun and they are about our favorite subject: ourselves.

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kari said...

The site with the self-assessment, The Schimel Lode, has a lot of other great resources too! Thanks Gary!