Sunday, January 08, 2006

"ONE," The Movie

I heartly recommend the new independent film, "ONE."

"Early one morning, in April, 2002, a middle-aged father of three from Michigan suddenly awoke from a sound sleep, overcome by a strange compulsion... to make a movie."

The Problem: They were not film-makers.

"We were actually reading the instruction book for the camera while conducting our interviews," says Ward M. Powers, very novice director of "One: The Movie.

I saw it for the second time last night, and recommend seeing it more than once as there is so much rich content. They have turned out an important movie that asks all the really big questions that are addressed by some of the world's greatest thinkers, and also ordinary people who come up with the most amazing answers. It also answers these questions from different developmental perspectives without judgement.

Questions like What happens to you after you die? Describe God. When is war justifiable? What is the meaning of life? How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism? And more...

Some elements that particularly resonated with me was the idea that "fear" drives so much of what we do: fear of being wrong, fear of being right, fear of others, and the fear of seeing our true nature and who we really are. Another element that was powerful for me were the many answers that came from the question, "describe God."

At the end of the film, Father Thomas Keating, the leading figure in Christian contemplative practice, points out that there are three stages of "God:" First, we become aware of God as the "Other", then we try to be "like" the Other, and finally discover there is no "Other."

We gathered at SeattleIntegral member Naomi's house afterwards and had wonderful discussions about the movie. Namoi came up with a brilliant idea to spur the conversation: she put the forty question of the movie into a basket and we took turns drawing the questions and responding with our own answers.

So much richness, so much to contemplate and further our understand, at least conceptually, of the non-dual, and the "one-ness" of all.

See this movie and share it with your friends and loved ones.

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