Friday, February 24, 2006


I found out recently that the condo I've been renting for the past six years is for sale, and I've been spending a lot of time looking for another place to live. I've dropped my weight training down to 2X a week, but I'm still meditating every day. My ITP practice is still intact. My blogging has slowed.

SeattleIntegral hit a new milestone this week....Laura from Sacramento was member 110.

I make my living as a graphic designer and I've also been working on a freelance book jacket design for a re-issue of a book by an author most of us know. When I was introduced to the "U" concept of Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, I immediately got it. As an artist called upon to find design solutions, I had been using the "U" process most of my adult life, but here it was, laid out in clear terms exactly what the creative process is, and how it happens: "Downloading" (operating with habitual ways of knowing and doing) to "presencing" (awareness of the present moment). Presence is about what it means to be an authentic agent of change.

I'm very concerned about what's going on in the world. On one hand, I remain calm and accepting, and on the other, I embrace imbalance..... of corporatocracy with no concern for how it affects people's lives; the incompetence of a failed U.S. administration who has never spoken for me, or to me; The out and out civil war that appears to be emerging in Iraq and the U.S. role in creating that and other chaos; Out of control debt that requires that the U.S. sell off assets, today, terminals within ports; U.S. debt held by foreign countries that is pushing us to a possible collapse of the dollar; U.S. imperialism of a hundred years creating an empire most of us are unaware of and the resentment that goes with it; Gobal warming.....On and on. It's almost time for the shift. It appears to unfold before us.

Chaos and change: What will cause that shift? Global chaos with millions of lives as the price? Or will we awaken in time and face the hard truths before us? Who will we choose to become? Who will we be forced to become?

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