Saturday, May 27, 2006

More on Insight Dialogue

One of my favorite people in this world, or any other, is Terri O'Fallon. Terri is a long-time member of seattleintegral, one of the principals in Pacific Integral, and a member of the Integral Institute's Integral Education Committee. My understanding is she is developing a lot of the online classes I-I will be offering so people (like me!) can get AQAL Kosher I-I certified. Terri has a long history of developing online learning communities, having also been a mentor for masters' students at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Terri is one of my favorite people for a lot of reasons. Besides all of the above, Terri walks into a room in full presence , and unassuming humility, unlike anyone else I have ever seen. In my non-expert opinion, she radiates and embodies Spiral Dynamics' Turquoise level of development.

All of this aside, Terri introduced our first-year "Generating Transformational Change in Human Systems" cohort to Insight Dialogue, for which I will be forever grateful. It was co-developed by Terri and Greg Kramer in 1994

Here's how Insight Dialogue listening and speakingworks in a nutshell (thanks to Cain at Zaadz, for this outline):
  • Commit to the process---bring your awareness to the present moment
  • Pause–call forth to slow down, to drop ignorance, to see more deeply, and brighten the mind.
  • Relax—call forth in the face of stress, of challenging truths, and to bring ease to the body-mind.
  • Open—call to move out of isolated practice, loops, and selfish patterns, to be out of contraction.
  • Trust Emergence—call forth for energy, to end doubt, and to ride the moment.
  • Listen Deeply—call into inquiry, receptivity, and to extend the heart.-
  • Speak the Truth—call forth to end stasis, to enhance generosity and courage, to bring meditative interaction.
Insight Dialogue is a meditation practice that includes listening and speaking, and in an on-line format, reading and writing. It expands Insight Meditation and Bohmian dialogue into interaction, turning conversation into a transformative, creative vehicle where something brand new and unanticipated might emerge into a deeper awareness. The process also creates an amazing field of shared consciousness between particpants.

This is, by far, the deepest, most powerful, mediative experience I've ever had, and to share it with others is even more amazing.

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