Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Shameless Personal Plug

Those of you who know me, know and understand that I'm seeking ways to turn my integral passion into an integral living, without becoming a "consultant." This posting is a brief rundown on how I'm going about making that happen.

First, I'd like you to visit a new website/artifact I've created, the i-Boutique, with the help of Cafe Press. Here, I'm using my design abilities, along with my razor-sharp wit (UL), to create integral apparel (UR) with an attitude (UL again). The current designs are integrally-themed and also include some apparel designs for SeattleIntegral. To avoid any conflict of interest, as one of the leaders of SeattleIntegral, all the profits from the sale of SeattleIntegral related items go to support the Seattle salon (LL). Please buy a lot.

Second, I'd like you to visit my regular website, I'm an internationally known designer, having won several intenational design awards, and an accomplished illustrator. One of my most recent projects was the design of the book cover for Don Beck's newest book, a re-release of The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future in Search of a Template for the World.

Another path is a startup company called Integral Marketing Associates. This will probably eventually shift to my main site, as one of my goals is to provide design, illustration, marketing, web design, and presentation materials to the integral community. IMA is the company you won't have to explain the integral concepts to......I already get you and your audience. The motto of this startup is "Marketing From All Four Quadrants."

I'm continuing to look for ways to support myself through my passions: Art and Integral. Another way I'm trying to do that is through this blog. Some of you may have noticed I've begun posting some advertising links on this blog. No one has complained, and I hope that's not because no one's reading! I found out about how to do this through Steve Pavlina's blog, "Personal Development For Smart People." That's me....and you, or you wouldn't be reading me! I invite you to go to the top of the page, see the links, and click through on some of them if they interest you. When you do, I get paid, and you don't even have to buy anything!

And last, there's Seattle Body Paint....I have no idea how this fits in with Integral....It's just a hell of a lot of fun for all the obvious reasons!

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