Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Love Integral, Module 2

If you're in Seattle, or close by, and you don't already have plans, Saturday is Module 2 of my developing workshop, Big Love Integral, A Participatory Exploration of Conscious Romantic Relationship In An Integral Context.

In this module, we'll start out with a meditation designed to help you improve your relationship or to call one in, some practices designed to get out of our heads and to open our hearts to possibilities and the learning space, and developmental models such as David Deida, Lawrence Kohlberg, Harville Hendrix, Robert Kegan, and a very special tour of Spiral Dynamics and meme-equivalents in relationship. We'll spend some time on typologies, primarily the Enneagram and MBTI.

This is a great context in which to further your understanding of the broad integral approach!

I'll also unveil my own developmental model around our Core Wounds and how they affect our relationships, and we'll talk about relationship and love from an Integral Perspective through the work of Jean Gebser.

Plus, we'll have a great time! Hope to see you there!

For info on time and location, go here .

Big Love, all,


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Anonymous said...

Gary, I'm happy to see Integral alive and well in Seattle. Ken Wilber's writing has been a huge help to me in my own practice. I like the way you're taking Big Love from the heart experience out into practical ways to find a mate. Good luck with that.