Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not Too Much Flak...or notice....

One of my best friends, whom I love dearly, and I sometimes disagree around the political landscape. In an email to the SeattleIntegral list, where I also published my thoughts on the the Homeland Security Presidential Directive, he asked if I thought publishing a doctored photo of (then Governor) George Bush giving the finger on camera was a bit too much.

Actually, it's a real still frame taken from this video, and you can see for yourself who this sophomoric person really is, and in my opinion, remains. That's not to say he's stupid, or isn't a threat to our freedom and the constitution. In his defense, we've all done things in a joking manner that shouldn't haunt us all our lives.

I can certainly see that different people will look at the same information and come up with different interpretations. Plus, we're all going to fiercely attempt to hold on to our beliefs, no matter what...including me.

Cognitive Bias: 26 Reasons What You Think is Right is Wrong

Still, I prefer to remain vigilant and be wrong, than to not be vigilant and be right. Especially with this administration' s record.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! :)

Last, I believe the reason today's neo-cons are so bad at government is because they don't believe in government. Their goal is to dismantle every public program and turn it over to private enterprise. From Reagan, and continuing with Bush II, they have no awareness of what this country was built upon: the commons. Without the commons, we'll be a corporatacracy, and I believe that unfettered path is leading the human race down a path of global extinction.

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