Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Total Failure

By any accounting, the Bush Presidency is a total failure. Hoping to become the modern-day equivalency of the McKinley administration that ushered in years of Republican governance, it has, instead, turned into the Hoover administration, which was brought down by the 1929 stock market crash...only insert the Iraq war. Both were unnecessarily brought on by stupidity and greed.

Karl Rove's exit is the latest benchmark of the abject failure of this administration. Does anyone believe Rove, the last of the Texas home-grown contingency, would be leaving if their goal of creating a one-party super-majority dynasty had been successful?

Other failures:
  • The War in Iraq: need I say more?
  • The "war on terror" or whatever they're calling it this week: Feel safer?
  • The privatization of Social Security
  • The Valerie Plame scandal
  • Numerous Republican convictions
  • Loss of standing in the world community
  • Record budget deficits
  • Increasing political partisanship and divisiveness in Washington.
  • Further erosion of the middle class, begun by Reagan, fostered by Clinton, and continuing today
The first clue to the public's awareness of abject failure was the loss of the House and the Senate to the Democrats in '06. It just gets worse, now with Congress beginning to issue subpoenas...that is, if they have the balls, or aren't complicit themselves.

The entire 6-1/2 years of this administration's reign has been a textbook ad about why politicians need to take a more integral and balanced approach to problem solving and politics: The politics of divisiveness, "us vs. them," and "either you're with us or you're against us" just does not work. Unfortunately, there aren't any stars on the left (or the right) who seem to get that concept, either. Maybe Obama and Edwards, but I have serious doubts about either of them being able to go all the way.

So, goodbye Karl Rove. Don't let the doorknob hit ya where the dog should have bit ya. Good riddance.

Oh, the decades it will take to repair the damage done by these fools.......and the damage they are still capable of....

Yes, the picture is a fake....just wishful thinking and what he deserves.

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Tom said...

I think the usually brilliant Gary Stamper has here a rare Failed Post. I hope it won't usher in years of additional Failed Posts.

First off, the McKinley Administration WAS NOT a great success at ushering in years of clone Republican administrations for generations. McKinley was murdered and that cowboy usurper Teddy took over, followed by another Republican very unlike his predecessor, Taft, which ushered in the Thomas Wilson administration. [There are two presidents with my first name: Jefferson and Wilson. Don't give me any flak, here, pal.] The great President Thomas Wilson was a Dem that beat his opponents easily and served for two terms, though actually it was the wife who was running the country at the end.

The 1929 stock market crash was not brought on by Herbert Hoover. The crash was 'neglected' by the kindly and brilliant yet-not-ready-for-prime-time Mr. Hoover. The crash had a certain inevitability to it because of the low margin for purchasing stocks which created a tulipmania effect. Anyway, comparing the 29 crash with Bush's Iraq adventure is like comparing broken schoolbusses to busted lightbulbs.

A better comparison might be that the Bush Administration is very akin to what the Barney the Purple Dinosaur Administration would have been like had there ever been a Barney the Purple Dinosaur administration.

Re Mr. Rove: He has created a one-party super-majority dynasty. The stealthy Mr. Rove has ushered in the beginning of a long period of Democrat Rule in the White House and in the Senate and in the House of Usher. Thank you Mr. Rove.