Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zeitgeist: more.....

I watched the History Channel's debunking of the 911 conspiracy last night, mostly based on Popular Mechanic magazine's 14-page cover article which attacks skepticism about the government and media explanation of the 9/11/01 attack.

The primary method of the piece is to build and attack a straw man of myths it claims are "at the root of virtually every 9/11 alternative scenario" embraced by the "growing army of conspiracy theorists." PM selects a combination of 16 valid, erroneous, and inconsequential claims found on websites, implying that they are all endorsed by the "army" of skeptics.

Before anyone jumps down my throat for being a conspiracy "nut," they should read 911review.com's Mainstream Press Attacks page contains an expose' of connections between the Hearst Corporation -- owner of Popular Mechanics -- and the CIA. You should also check out the 911Research critique of the Popular Mechanics article, Popular Mechanics Attacks its '9/11 Lies' Straw Man, focuses on how the article avoids addressing the charges of 9/11 Truth activists, and the OilEmpire.us Bogus 9/11 websites page which has long debunked about half the 16 claims that PM dishonestly identifies with 9/11 Truth.
Check it out. Decide for your self.
What does this have to do with integral? Integral consciousness demands that we look at the truth as the authority rather than the authority as the truth.

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