Friday, December 28, 2012

Is the Shift hitting the Fan?

by Gary Stamper
Reposted from the Collapsing into Conciousness forums

It’s already started. Call it what you want, the apocalypse, doomsday prophecy, consciousness rising, cognitive dissonance, a paradigm shift, whatever…In my opinion, the conditions that provide the opportunity to move to a new level consciousness has begun.

First. let’s talk about what’s going on, and then we’ll talk about how that shifts us.

Consider that all of the instability that is happening in the world and all around us is part of a larger cycle of human evolution that will soon turn toward renewal and regeneration. According to Kingsley L. Dennis, author of New Consciousness For A New World,
“For centuries, indigenous wisdom traditions have talked of an epochal shift on the horizon, of a spiritual renaissance for the earth and her living family. Now the timelines are converging and the potential for an energetic “upgrade” for humanity is here, but first we must survive and evolve through the current period of transition.”
As an example, the current economic crisis that began in 2008 is nowhere near the bottom. Consider derivatives: Derivatives are financial instruments whose values depend on the value of other underlying financial instruments. The main types of derivatives are futures, forwards, options and swaps (Wikipedia). The problem here is that derivatives now total more than the sum total of the global economy! If their value depends on the value of other underlying financial instruments, and the market continues down, we’re toast. In 2012, the total value of those derivatives are estimated to be between $700 billion and $1.2 quadrillion! According to Wikipedia, In 2011, the GWP totaled approximately US$79.39 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity. There is more owed than is possible to pay off and a system reset is inevitable.

There seems to be no effort to fix this problem, only to kick the can down the road, because “the level of consciousness that created the problem cannot solve it.” The bloated, greedy system that has become the financial markets is no longer sustainable, and heading down the tubes, fast. The power elites who created this situation are largely going down with it. They have no idea what to do about it, except throw money at it. Yours and mine. These are people who believe they know what’s best for you, and that the best citizens are ignorant citizens.

It should be obvious to all of you who have watched your 401K’s shrink that this system doesn’t work. Thank God Social Security wasn’t dumped into the market as some wanted, not that it will make much difference in the long run. Nothing less than a total revamp of the financial system and structure could have saved it, but it’s probably too late for even that, now, as it may be for the environment and energy as well. The future appears more and more unpredictable, uncertain, and often on the fringes of instability. Is it only a matter of time? Is there too much complexity, and when there is, what happens? Have we exceeded our ability to control what we’ve created? 

There’s going to be a lot of pain for a lot of people. Paradigms don’t die easily, and the patriarchal paradigm that spawned the current crisis will be no exception. For the first time ever, the US military is deploying an active duty regular Army combat unit for full-time use inside the United States to deal with emergencies, including potential civil unrest.

I’ve mostly touched on the financial crisis, giving a passing nod to climate change and peak everything, although there are comparable problems coming at us from each of these sectors as well, all in a perfect storm of catastrophes.

How does this imply a transition, or shift?

We have reached what is called the “chaos point” for transformation. In other words, the moment for paradigm shift. Periods of chaos, complexity, and upheaval are “evolutionary agents” that act to trigger rapid developments and growth, and it places us—individually and collectively—in a position where we are more or less forced to wake up. Cognitive Dissonance: an uncomfortable feeling or stress caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a fundamental cognitive drive to reduce this dissonance by modifying an existing belief, or rejecting one of the contradictory ideas. By resolving the dissonance, new belief systems are adopted, usually a a higher level of consciousness than before, but not always (consider U.S. regression after 911). 

As the power elite self destructs, the opportunity for a new level of thinking arises. This will be the challenge. if it doesn’t get too rough, where we’re struggling for our very survival, and for some it will, indeed, be that struggle, then we may come out of the other side with new perspectives, a different world market financial structure that is based on the good of mankind as opposed to the profit of a few. Yes, a hope, but what will we have if not our hope and our determination not to repeat the mistakes of the past?

As Duane Elgin writes, “It is the immense suffering of millions—even billions—of precious human beings coupled with the widespread destruction of many other life forms that will burn through our complacency and isolation. Needless suffering is the psychological and psychic fire that can awaken our compassion and fuse individuals, communities, and nations into a cohesive and consciously organized global civilization.”

My advice in these momentous times are, repeated throughout this website, to prepare as much as possible, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Have, at a minimum, a couple months of food and supplies, lay low, and surrender into the moment, knowing that our petty wants and needs will serve a larger consciousness. You are the change we have been waiting for, and I, for one, want as many of you as possible around on the other side.

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