Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Integral Warriors: Embodying the New Masculine, a men's group, Part two

This is a very different blog than I expected to write today. Judging by the early lack of enthusiasm around the concept of a SeattleIntegral men's group, I expected three, maybe four, men to show up at the first meeting last night. We had nine men show up and they seem to be exactly the right men.

Nine men! Nine brave men who all have powerful personal stories. Some came with a purpose, or mission, and some are not sure why they came, but feel called. I won't go into any personal stories, other than my own, if I feel it's relevant to a teaching or of possible value to others, and I won't mention the names of those who've shown up.
Some of the issues that came up are about purpose, addictions, relationship, money, forgiveness, self love, accountability, fear, trust, and what's holding us back?
For me, I know I need to be in the company of men. I need to hear the brutal truth about who I am and what I do, or don't do, from a masculine perspective. Like many men, I bathe and luxuriate in feminine energy, especially with my beloved (I've never met a woman who tells the truth so fearlessly and so compassionately as she). However, I also recognize that I've not paid enough attention to the polarity of the masculine in the company of men, and that's perspective I need to embrace. However good I might be at holding the Divine Masculine on my own, there's always a way to go deeper.
While aware of Jung's four archetypes used in other men's groups - the king, the magician, the warrior, the lover - and paying attention to the integration of all, the focus of those group will be David Deida's work, particularly around his book "The Way of the Superior Man."
I am also delighted at the chance to step deeper into my role as a spiritual teacher, and sharing the wisdom I've gained with other men, and learning from them as well. This is also not a free group. There is a small fee for each of the meetings. That's part of my commitment to be paid for the work I do, as well as the men's commitment to the value received for the time and effort I put in to facilitate and lead the group: part of my personal work around conscious abundance, as well.


Kari said...

Congrats on the men's group Gary!

Cori said...

Thank you for creating a space for the Divine Masculine.
The world is starving for you!