Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes I wish I'd Swallowed the Blue Pill....

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know what my long-time perspective is on what's happening on the planet. I've not been shy about making my views on "collapse" known for several years, and a quick review of those blogs will show that I've apparently been listening to the right people.

Starting in mid-2007 with this blog, I began to wake up about the geopolitical realities that had already begun shaping the world we inhabit. In October of that same year, quite by accident, my world view on where we were headed shifted, again, into a deeper understanding about the "perfect storm" of the "Three E's:" - Environment, Economics, and Energy. That shift resulted in posting this blog about Peak Oil.

There were more articles, here, here here, and here, just to point out a few.

Okay, so I could see what was happening as far back as 2007, have written about it a lot, and have been shown to have pretty much nailed it. I wasn't ahead of the curve, I was at the back end of the leading edge, but that put me ahead of about 99% of the population.

This is the Red Pill from The Matrix. Once you go down the rabbit hole, you have to go ALL the way down, embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality. There is no unlearning what you've discovered...unless you take the Blue Pill of blissful ignorance of illusion and go back to sleep with no knowledge that anything is wrong.

Why do I sometimes wish I'd taken the Blue Pill? Because it would have been so much easier. The community we live in and some of our friends and family wouldn't think of us as "whacked-out end-of-worlders" (a term we've never used).

Last night, we watched an amazing video of Chris Hedges calling everything out, no bullshit, no pulling punches. Chris is an author and was a war correspondent for the NY Times until he got fired for speaking out against the Iraq war. In this powerful video, he offers a poignant and insightful analysis of the psychopathology of American society/culture; and how this "dystopian society" systematically drives its citizens to despair, disillusionment, and ultimate insanity. 

Chris Hedges: The Psychological Death of the West - Full Speech

Welcome to the Red Pill.

This is why Sacred Activism is the ultimate path of the Integral Warrior. Third stage Masculine ("Yellow," second tier consciousness in Integral terms) is no longer searching for freedom, but embodies freedom in their very being. The third stage man IS freedom, and third stage man cannot abide by any kind of tyranny (todays Fascism in the US) that constricts that freedom towards a man's highest purpose. This tyranny is the marriage of corporatism and government that rules the US today. This marriage results in corporate "terminators" who value nothing but profit, greed, and power, and third stage masculine, and all conscious beings, have a moral imperative to resist, no matter what the cost.

From the opening lines of my book, Awakening the New Masculine: 
It is clearly time for men to wake up. Just a little over one decade into the 21st Century,  finding ourselves in the biggest struggle of our existence - a struggle where the outcome is still unknown - It is time for men to stop acting like little boys.
No longer faced with mere territorial struggles, the consequences humankind faces today are global, and we are faced with the very real possibility of our own demise as a species. To be sure, these are issues of patriarchal power and the light and the dark forces on the planet facing off against one another. It is the oldest story on the planet. It's time for the patriarch to be disassembled and for its sons to grow up.

Never before in human history has humankind been this close to a global psycho-social and spiritual awakening. At the same time, never have we been in such danger of being swept into a global totalitarianism, potentially more oppressive than any system known before. Technology, at the hands of little boys pretending to be men, has led us to this new geopolitical reality.

Never before have we been called to wake up on the scale that is required today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey 'Swami',

hope you don't consider this 'irresponsible' as you actually do know me.

i really don't think the blue pill IS an option. there is this center folding George Jetson briefcase effect when i try to swallow it. my mind simply refuses.

maybe that's why another friend thought i was an alien. if only he'd been correct. balance, i tell myself, balance. then i run after the imbalance of what is around me trying to correct.

much love to you and Anyaa and all the four-leggeds.