Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blogging from the Source

I've just returned from a 4-hour workshop on Insight Dialogue facilitated by Terri O'Fallon, and I'm still in an altered state of conciousness as a result of that deep causal meditative experience. I thought it might be interesting to write while still in that altered state and see what happens.

It's not like I haven't experienced creativity from the source before. Long before I became a serious mediator, I spent many, many hours in the causal realm as an artist, "letting go, letting come." I've also had a 10-year career as a professional musician, so I've experienced the causal state in group process, on stage with other musicians, as you forget about what notes to play and just let it flow with each other in perfect accord.

I didn't really know what either of those experiences were until I learned how to go really deep, by myself, and with others, in meditation. I only knew that those experiences felt really, really good.

There are lots of good ways to go deep with meditation, but the best way that I know of in my limited experience, to go deep with a group of people who are interested in sourcing dialogue, is through Insight Dialogue. Combined with the Integral "U" Process, Insight Dialogue is a way to go deeper and deeper into meditative awareness in interpersonal life.

The Integral Life Practice group I'm a member of has been using this process for about 4 months, and our conversations have definitely taken a turn toward deeper intimacy. The Core Group of SeattleIntegral also uses this process to guide us in our leadership role.

While the process can be used to deepen conversation around a particular subject, or issue, today it was just splendid to sit with the small group of five people we broke off into (three of whom I had never met before!) and connect in the causal realm where words aren't even necessary for everyone to understand what is being said. "Blissing Out" in group.

Sweet as that is, where it really impacts my life is with a core group of dear, dear friends, with whom I've practiced on a regular basis, and where we can instantly drop down into subtle and causal states simply by being in each other's prescence.

Hoo-boy! I am BUZZING!

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