Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm back, with a new mission!

Blogger has apparently been "google-ized," and I have been unable to post for a while during that transistion, but it appears to be up and running, and I will be posting again, if not every day, at least 2-3 times a week.

The direction of Integral in Seattle will change slightly, and won't be noticeable to most of you, dear readers. In addition to writing about what it means to try to live my life in an integral fashion, I'm also going to write about what it means to start, manage, and lead an integral salon through the birth process and, now, the "formative years," as SeattleIntegral struggles to eventually stand completely on it's own.

We finally have our very own website,, which I paid for, designed, and launched. I am not a webmaster, nor am I a professional web designer, but I'm a pretty damn good graphic designer. Now I'm catching some flack because a couple of people don't like it, so I'm encouraging conversation about on the discussion list, instead of it just being between another person and myself. Remembered lesson: You can't please everyone.

The massive amount of time to design and launch the site was possible because of the Core Group, a leadership circle taking on the responsibility of running the group, leaving me time to do other things. The Core Group was also invaluable with feedback and support.

It will be these kinds of salon issues, and how to approach them in a second tier manner, that I'll address over the next few months.

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