Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Conversation in Big Mind

"I want to speak to the Controller."
"Who am I speaking to?"
The Controller: "The Controller"
"What do you do?"
The Controller: "I control things."
"What kind of things do you control?"
The Controller: "Everything I can."
"Why do you control?"
The Controller: "Because I'm the Controller."
"Why is it important to control?"
The Controller: "To keep myself safe."
"What happens if you lose control?"
The Controller" "For me it's unthinkable."
"Controller, I'd like your permission to speak to someone else."
May I have permission, Controller, to speak to the Damaged Self?"
The Controller: "Yes."
"I'd like to speak to the Damaged Self."
"Who am I speaking with?"
The Damaged Self: "The Damaged Self."
Why are you called the Damaged Self?"
The Damaged Self: "Because I'm damaged."
"How did you get damaged?"
The Damaged Self: "Others...other people, other voices, neglect, hurt, other anything."
"What is your function as the Damaged Self?"
The Damaged Self: "I'm the resevoir for all that pain, all that crap..."
"If you were in your parents' house, where would they put you?"
The Damaged Self: "In the Basement......"

And so goes BIG MIND....opening our separate selves, not threatening the ego, causing it to resist, but allowing all of our different aspects and being to come forward, unafraid, because they know they are safe and protected.

Genpo Roshi, creator of BIG MIND, told several of us a couple of weeks ago, when we were blessed to meet with him in a small, intimate group, that Ken Wilber calls Big Mind the fourth major turning of the Wheel of Dharma in Buddhism. The first being the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha, the second being the rise of Mahayana Buddhism, and the third being the philospophy of Nagarjuna. With a mastery born of more than thirty years of teaching, Genpo Roshi has enabled thousands of participants in Big Mind workshops to gain profound insights and taste for themselves the illuminating experience from which Buddhism and all the world's great religions originate.

Having done this practice for over a year, I can tell you it's a path from zero to non-dual awareness in almost nothing flat. Get yourself to a workshop or DVD as quickly as you can.


dazedflamingo said...

I only read part of your blog, but I use to be completely obsessed with different cults. I tried to do this documentary about the Spiritual Rights Foundation, but I eventually stopped b/c they were creepy and pushy about initiating me into their cult.

Gary Stamper said...

I'm not understanding your point. Are you thinking that BIG MIND is cultish? Quite the opposite. Big Mind has no religious boundaries whatsoever, nor does it compete with or threaten different belief systems. It only provides a path for attaining non-dual awareness. You would be hard pressed to find any religious leaders (other than fundamentalists) who object to this process.