Friday, November 24, 2006

A Holacratic Proposal to Integral Institute about Integral Salons

This week, the London, Seattle, NY, and Sydney Integral Salons got to sit down with Integral Institute and talk about salon organization. Facilitated by Brian Robertson, the salons presented two almost identical proposals to I-I on how to more effectively communicate and partner with each other.

I think one of the reasons Brian was brought in to facilitate was because SeattleIntegral offered a Holacratic Proposal. Holacracy is the system I-I, and SeattleIntegral, are using as governing principles, and holacratic proposals must be considered by the governing organization. I also believe, to their credit, I-I was ready and eager to listen to this growing community of salons that have tetra-emerged on their own.

In this conference call it was proposed, and accepted, by the Salon Leadership Council and I-I, that the proposals be forwarded to I-I's leadership for their approval.

This could well be the start of an entirely new relationship between salons and Integral Institute. It is critcal that this relationship be a partnership.

Seattles' proposal starts out:

"A proposal from the Integral Salon Leaders Council, wherein we provide a new direction, and a shared vision for relationship and support between integral salons, what Ken calls “crucibles of consciousness struggling to be born,” and Integral Institute. "

To read the entire proposal, go here.

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