Monday, November 20, 2006

Positive Aspects of Anger, Part 2

I am often so frustrated at Integral Institutes' seemingly inability to see some things that seem so obvious to me. Case in point, creating a space where integral salons can come together, learn from one another (and learn from the many gifts of Integral Institute), and continue the evolutionary unfolding of new and existing salons.

This is anger, pure and simple, born out of frustration of I-I not seeming to learn from it's mistakes, and not learning from those who have actually gone, and continue to go, before: successful integral salons.

As I promised in my original post on anger, this is the second post on how anger can be an inspiration, and become a way for us to actually increase our awareness around the things that make us angry. In particular, this is about how my anger may result in what I hope will be a productive and, hopefully, evolutionary suggestion on how I-I relates to salons.

I've written a proposal called "A Holacratic Proposal to Integral Institute." In this proposal I'm calling for a new direction and a shared vision for relationship and support between integral salons, what Ken calls "crucibles of consciousness struggling to be born," and Integral Institute.

The problem to date, in my opinion, is that I-I has been using a "top-down" approach in creating a salon organization without regard to what is already emerging. While a "top-down" approach can work with strategies of information processing, this is not possible with organic systems, such as integral salons.

While I-I has been struggling with their organization, we have been struggling with ours. Cities like Seattle, New York, London, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Sydney, Frankfurt, and others, already have robust salons well along the way in their evolution.

Tomorrow evening, salon leaders from all over the world, will be discussing this proposal, and a similar one from iNYCS, with leaders from Integral Institute to see if we can come to an agreement on how to do this. It's the first time Integral Institute has sat down with us to, hopefully, ask us what we want.We want to be listened to.

Anything else just pisses me off.

I-I logo representation and iSalons logo by gary Stamper

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