Monday, November 27, 2006

A Reality Check for Integral Salons

From Ken Wilber's blog:

"We have Integral University just beginning; we have Integral Seminars and Integral Training; we have twenty-three Integral Centers—from Integral Medicine to Integral Business to Integral Sustainability to Integral Politics to Integral Education to Integral Law to Integral Art to Integral Consciousness Studies; we have Integral Coaching and Consulting, just beginning; we have Integral Spiritual Center, with thirty of the world’s absolutely finest spiritual teachers, coming together semiannually to change the very face of religion itself; we have Integral Naked expanding into new markets, including Hollywood and beyond; to name a few. All of these will come together in the first Annual Integral Conference. And we have just created our membership magazine, The Integralist: A Journal of Both/And, to give expression to all of that.

What's missing here? Nothing. There is more to integral emergence than meets the eye.


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