Monday, November 27, 2006


"Integral Institute is now searching for a CEO, which will be the first time we have officially filled the office of CEO since our inception. In other words, this is the chance to be the first CEO in the history of the first truly integral organization in history." (source)

What happened to Steve Frazee, and isn't he still listed as the CEO of Integral Institute on this page on Integral Institute's website as of this writing? First, ITP became ILP in a bit of revisionist history in Integral Spirituality (see pg 201, IS, and A Theory of Everything), and now this? Wha 'sup?

So, in the last couple of weeks, Gail Taylor, Community Director, and Steve Frazee, the CEO, have both resigned from I-I. What's going on, there? I constantly hear, "you have no idea what's going on at I-I." Duh, you think? I wonder how that happens?

And how did I-I go from not being second tier to a truly integral organization within a year? Am I mistaken (possibly), but wasn't I-I listed as Turquoise in the Culture by Altitude column of the September issue of Holons? Not anymore.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be at I-I at this time, but let me be perfectly clear: I-I is coming under fire from a lot of places, and I'm concerned that this stuff just gives critics more ammunition.

What's an Amber person to believe, anymore?

Digital Pinnochio by Gary Stamper


Joe Perez said...

I have no clue either. Resigned or fired for a liason with Ted Haggard? We could always start an untrue but totally believable rumor... seriously though, when I find myself wanting to be in the know, sooner or later I realize that I don't really need to know. Politics is politics. Organizations change, people move on. Let's all be equanimous, okay?

And Gary if you get any good dirt on the CEO bru ha ha, call me. ;-)

Gary Stamper said...

I completely agree about being equanimous (especially after I looked it up). It's not that I need to be in the know (of course, I do - I know shadow stuff when I don't see it), as much as it's concern about information going out that's misleading...and if I can figure out....well, there are people out ther a lot smarter than I! This strongly points out why it's so important to keep doing our own work.

~C4 said...

i can see and smell the smoke from here...

Tom Mull said...


Gary Stamper said...

~C4, yes, I thought there might be smoke.....that's the problem when we write stuff down: everyone can find it.

Tom said...

Equanimousness is mere green. We should rise above that to something more Chicken Little-like.

Somebody needs to call the Integral Swat Team for a raid of I-I Headquarters.

And Ken needs to find a wholly different line of work. Maybe there's a restaurant nearby where he can wash dishes.

~C4 said...

"And Ken needs to find a wholly different line of work. Maybe there's a restaurant nearby where he can wash dishes."

man, sometimes you can really crack me up Tom :)