Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Divine Feminine

"As much as I love you, we are not alone. Through loving you, I have learned to open my heart and feel everyone's heart. Their love is my love, as is yours. Their suffering is my suffering, as is yours. Just as I am committed to loving you open to God, I am compelled to claim the world as my lover who I must do my best to enter and open to God "- From Dear Lover, a book by David Deida

This is Agape. The Goddess. The feminine face of Spirit, the descending, immanent and "manifesting current of the Kosmos, the principle of embodiment, and bodily incarnation, and relationship, and relational and manifest embrace, touching each and every being with perfect and equal grace, rejecting nothing, embracing all." (Wilber, A Brief History of Everything)

Where Eros strives for the Good of the One in transcendental wisdom, Agape embraces the Many with Goodness and immanent care.

Agape and Eros drive each other nuts, and yet, they generate each other, depend on each other, and cannot exist without the other.

I have fallen in love with a Goddess.

I called her into my life, as she called me into hers. The ascendent and the decedent. Agape and Eros. She pushes me, demanding that I step up to meet her, as I do with her. And yet, we meet at a place neither us have been before, using relationship to expand our sense of ourselves, individually and together, wisdom and compassion, emptiness and form, Shiva and Shakti, finding our own true being, perfectly and blissfully united in One Taste.

Her love holds a universe...loving everything and everyone in perfect embodiment. My love holds one, rejecting the shallower in search of the deeper, and the search for purpose. And yet....we come together, breathing as one, moment to moment, hearts radiating creation.

It is my challenge. it is stepping up to holding myself as the biggest being I possibly can. This agape that loves all as she loves me. It is the future of women, of the Goddess, of Agape. They are becoming bigger and bigger.

How is it that women are stepping up and beginning to demand that men meet them at a more conscious place?

"When you feel deep into your heart, you feel love. Most deeply, you are love. This love shines as light, and so you want to be truly seen. This light flows as energy, and so you want to offer yourself completely. Your heart wants to give and receive love fully. This is your heart's deepest desire." - David Deida

Some ways are offered at David Deida's Blue truth website and programs for women like this one featured there that fully reawaken women to who they are.

I can feel me getting bigger.

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