Sunday, January 07, 2007

How Much Would You Pay?

In Fact, it can be downright expensive! I spent over $7,000 last year doing stuff to raise my consciousness, and I'm still not enlightened......Okay, I'm a lot farther than I thought I'd ever be, and that's worth a lot, but I won't be spending that much this year. I plan to keep it under three grand, if I can!

For most of us, we do this stuff as our soul work (we tell ourselves) for free. Well, we've just got to get over this aversion to making money off of our increased awareness. it just ain't.....integral!

Or is it just a matter of dying to our small "s" selves to get to the big 'S" Self? Might born-agains be on to something, here (translated from their own perspective, of course....)?

We've got to stop looking at paid group membership hierarchies (membership truly does have priviledges! Transcend and include Orange!) as bad.....groups are hierachical, as they should be. I mean, at SeattleIntegral, , a really small number of people do the vast majority of work. We've got to stop looking at expensive seminars and trainings as over priced (expensive, yes....over priced, hardly!). You go out and try to teach this stuff!

I am now manifesting my way into having an integral lifestyle support me. My thoughts control the universe. And you need to buy an "Enlightenment ain't cheap" T-Shirt...or make a donation, because the shirt (and others) are really cool, and my writing is worth it, and makes you think, whether you agree with me or not.

Don't think about what you should do....what do you want to do? Now, if you aren't already, go out and manifest your own dream.

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