Saturday, January 13, 2007

Manifesting Through Intention

I used to dismiss the possibility that I could actually manifest something by, or through, my intention. Not any more. In the last few years, I've had some first hand experiences that have opened my mind, and more recently, a life changing experience that I believe came about by me, and another person, putting our intentions out there. More about that below.

Here's the premise by which I believe we can manifest that which we seek through our intentions, and why I believe it works.

If you accept, as I do, that there is a oneness in the universe that we are a part of, and that the universe is alive with this connectedness, then you're already closer to this manifestation than you may know. If you are the universe, and the universe is you, and you have the best of intentions for you, the universe, which is actually you, wants to give you what you want. In fact, it can hardly refuse!

Stay with me, here. By putting your intentions out to the universe, you are asking the universe to partner with you on these intentions, and the first step is to bring your vision of what you want to manifest into clear focus. Also, it's extremely important that you are crystal clear that you actually want your intentions to manifest, and that you are prepared to meet them.

I did this years ago when I decided I needed to be the kind of person I wanted to meet.

The second step is taking appropriate and effective actions that will turn your dreams into realities. You'll also need to eliminate obstacles and barriers such as limiting beliefs, self-doubts, self-criticism, judgements, distractions, and resistance.

You can do this through a meditative process, or by the affirmations of an Integral Transformative Practice, or any of a dozen other paths that can change your life.

I said above that I'd talk more about my experiences in manifesting. I first became aware of the importance of Manifesting through Intention while writing this blog on Integral Relationship. I had to call me on my own bullshit. Well, I did step up to it and put myself, and my intentions, out there for all to see. I first pictured (visual intention) myself in the perfect (for me) relationship, co-created on the idea that "we" would use relationship, and the difficulties therein, to bring out our finest qualities and to expand our sense of ourselves. In other words, I visualized what my life would be like in that perfect relationship as if it had already manifested. Then I wrote what I felt was the perfect description of who I am and what I was looking for. Boy, did I get mail!!!! Lots of mail! I can't tell you how many times I heard what an incredible profile I had written. answer from the universe.

Until...One day I was experiencing negative thoughts about not being able to find what I was looking for, so I decided to expand my search and look across the entire country. I did this because I knew this person I was looking for existed, I just needed to be reminded.

And then I came across her profile. What an amazing profile! Her words, her photos, and description spoke to me, no, captivated me! Problem was, she lived in North Carolina. North Carolina? Didn't the universe know I needed someone close to home? I wrote her anyway to tell her I saw her, recognized her for who she was, wished her luck and commented that I knew it would be difficult for her to find a man who could meet here where she was at.

Long story short, Anyaa wrote me back, and I discovered she travelled to Portland once a month. We talked on the phone for almost two months before we finally met on one of her trips out here. We've now been seeing each other for close to five months, and I flew her out for New Years (another conscious manifestation of the money it took to do that!). The point is, that we each had the same intentions that we were able to manifest for, and with, each other. It is a conscious, mind expanding relationship that is taking me deeper than I've ever been in relationship before. She reminds me frequently when she calls me on my stuff that I got I what I wished for.

I firmly believe we manifested each other through our conscious intentions. In a sense, I just kept pitching balls to the universe until it finally hit a home run for me.

Here are some ways in which you might manifest your own intentions. Notice I cite them as if they exist now, not in the future.
  • I experience Love and Healing in my life.
  • I accept and forgive myself and all those around me.
  • I see the Beauty and Goodness around me everyday.
  • I fill my mind with positive and nurturing thoughts.
  • I release all guilt, shame and blame resulting from my past thoughts and actions.
  • I gratefully accept the abundance of life which has been presented to me.
For more information on one way to manifest through your intentions, visit Steve Pavlina's blog.

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