Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Let me be perfectly clear.  I am so jumping on the bandwagon, here, but it's more about an orange/acheiver/expert level of taking an unabashed leap into an opportunity (hey...it's transcend and include, right?). So, buy a B'ROCK ON T-shirt and help support my wannabe integral lifestyle!

So let me state right right up front that this is about selling T-shirts, plain and simple. Integrity maintained.

I don't know where I stand on the candidate Barack Obama. Although hopeful, I've been down that road before. Hmmmm...integrity...experience...where's my scale, and will it continue to weigh out until I actually know how much of value is one side or the other?

I-I and Ken apparently think The Audacity of Hope is a second tier work. I haven't read it, but they call the ILP KIT Indigo, and there's no community practice. Still, it's nice to hope...and pray? Manifest? Call out to the Universe? Awaken to Spirit?

Here's a quote from Barack: "I think the country recognizes that the challenges we face aren't amenable to sound-bite solutions. People are looking for serious solutions to complex problems. I don't think we need more moderation per se--I think we should be bolder in promoting universal health care, or dealing with global warming. We just need to understand that actually solving these problems won't be easy, and that whatever solutions we come up with will require consensus among groups with divergent interests. That means everybody has to listen, and everybody has to give a little. That's not easy to do."

For now, B'Rock on! (pretty clever, huh?)

T-shirt design copyright gary stamper 2007. Get it here.

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