Sunday, March 04, 2007

More on IMAGO - Getting The Love You Want

I'm delighted my partner encouraged me to read Getting the Love You Want: A couples Guide. It hasn't hurt. In fact, not only am I getting all of this wonderful insight on relationship, but her appreciation for my willingness to dig into the processes she uses in her own practice also reaps rewards to the relationship.....and when the IMAGO couple integrate the practices and exercises laid out in this remarkable book, the healing power of of relationship is not just an unconscious expectation, it become a daily fact of life.

By effectively dealing with criticism and conflict using IMAGO Relationship Therapy, a couple can then reach a new stage in their journey toward conscious relationship. They can move beyond the power struggle and beyond the stage of awakening into the stage of transformation.

"Your relationship will now be based on mutual caring and love, the kind of love that can best be described as "agape." Agape is a self-transcending love that redirects eros, the life force, away from yourself to your partner. As one transaction follows another, the pain of the past is slowly erased, and both of you will experience the reality of your esential wholeness."
Reading it, however, is seriously cutting into my blogging time!

From Getting the love You Want, by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
"Eros-Philos-Agapè" © Laurence Maron

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