Thursday, March 15, 2007

What an Amazing Readership!

I started this blog over a year ago with no expectations whatsoever except to journal what was on my mind about integral theory, and more, about trying to live the most integral, and comprehensive, life I possibly could. I took it live to hold myself accountable so people could call me on my Bull sh**.

I never expected I would develop a "readership," much less actually get nominated for a couple of blogging awards. But here I am, a year plus down the roads with about 400-500 readers ever month. I guess I'm saying something worthwhile to you, but it's still about my first person (1p) experience.

I do know I've had a major shift during this time, mostly due to manifesting the exact relationship I had hoped for: One that pushes me, challenges me, fills me up, and ultimately allows me to be bigger (and to continue expanding) than I was before meeting this amazing woman. The shift is around my heart exploding wide open, and I believe my writing has deepened.

What's missing is you.....I have a "site meter" that allows me to see your IP address, where you're from, how long you stayed, how many pages you viewed, etc. What;s missing is your interaction: the intersubjectivity of the lower left "we" quadrant.

You come from Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Portland, OR, the Hague, Denmark, the UK, Germany, India, Australia, Turkey, Bucharest, Sacramento (Dept. of Social Services!), La Quinta, North Dakota, Marietta and Atlanta, GA, Plano, TX, SF, Ontario and Toronto, New jersey, and a whole lot more places....Thank you for visiting and thank you for coming back.

Everything is perfect, and it could get better.....drop me a comment...tell me why you read and why you come back...what you like...what you don't like....just say hi...


Anonymous said...

I - Thou = WE. Howdy! =)

Mark Steele said...

Hi Gary, we're reading you down here in San Diego too! I keep coming back cause I feel your passion for life and Integral. And I've noticed that since your relationship has been taking off some kind of blissful vibe is leaking through your blog, yummy!

Gary Stamper said...

Hi Mark....Yes, it's true that this relationship with this amazing woman has broken my heart wide open, and I'm seeing, feeling, understanding, and experiencing things in a brand new way. I think it's moving beyond Cognition into Embodiment. This "disolving" into the Other is a gift I can carry with me and perhaps touch others. Thanks for reading and thanks for introducing yourself.