Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finding God through Intimacy

I lie with my beloved, met in a way I never expected, both on our sides, face to face, bodies intertwined, our breath becoming one, the two becoming one, our hearts wide open in pure bliss and the ultimate blending of freedom and form. In this blissful awareness of Spirit and the divine essence of our original face, eros and agape, the One and the two, comes the realization of how to hold this BE-ing in all aspects of our lives.

When I step back from this sacred place, I carry that remembered realization into my everyday life with family, friends, associates, strangers, and even those with whom I feel tension, holding the remembrance of that sacred open heart space, continuing to open my heart to all.....and even if I have to fiercely battle with another, still holding that open heart. Intimacy with one can teach us this and open our hearts to all.
I keep going deeper and deeper with you.
my depth with you
has no boundaries.
My long distance lover,
my precious beloved,
the one I've been preparing for
all my life;
I stand before you
surrendering to
and surrendering through
How we are,
Who we are,
What we are.
Nothing less than God.
Image by Camilo_C

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