Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Blogisattva Awards Announced

Congratulations of the highest order to William Harryman at Integral Options Cafe for the Blog of the Year Blogsattva Award, the Svaha, of 2007! In announcing the award, honoring excellence in English-language Buddhist blogging during calendar year 2006, Blogisattva had this to say about Bill's blog:

"The premier award, Blog of the Year, Svaha!, goes to Bill Harryman’s Integral Options CafĂ© [link] the fulsome and intellectually hefty -- yet fun, smooth, easy and delightful -- carnival of information and insight. Bill has a broad and sophisticated palate of what is worthwhile and interesting and has an ability to sweep his readers in to his world of treasures and responsible living. We learn to stay fit; eat right; take care of body and mind, but we are not being lectured to by a finger-wagging nag. Bill gives us things to do, fun to find and insights that come from his challenging, interesting life and then adds thoughtful essays that are finely crafted, masterfully done, about Buddhism informed by Integral theory."

I'm not surprised. Bill has been my favorite blogger for months.

I didn't win an award, but am honored to have just been nominated in two of the categories.

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WH said...

Thanks Gary!

I'm honored and humbled.