Saturday, February 17, 2007

Consort of the Goddess

She comes in beauty,
a Goddess,
a Woman,
a Friend,
a Lover,
a Poem.

The Universe smiles her name.
She lives within me.
In every star,
in every flower,
every breath of a breeze,
in everyone I meet.

She is the essence of Love,
the BE-ing of Buddha,
the Salvation of Jesus,
the Glory of the Goddess.

I am the Consort of the Goddess.
I am the one who adores her.
I am that she is.

Poem by Gary Stamper
Photo by Anyaa McAndrew


Tom Mull said...


Apollo said...

Thanks for sharing this with us; it's beautiful. I quoted this and pointed to another entry of yours in a recent entry on my own blog.

Charmaine said...

Amazing beautiful poem. You see the truth of the goddess woman!

Goddess Blessings to you!

Rev. Goddess Charmaine