Saturday, February 10, 2007

Relationship as Transformation

I walked the lake alone today...
you left this morning,
off on your adventures
changing the world
changing women's lives
changing the world....

I wonder if you know
how much you've changed
my world

I walked the lake alone today....
but you were with me
every step of the way...
our way

I didn't really
walk the lake alone;
You were in my heart.

All of these posts on all of these techniques, meditations, and practices to transform my consciousness and open my heart.....when all along I was calling in conscious relationship as a way to call forth the highest and best within me. Of all the practices that can open your heart, a conscious, deliberate, open-to-the-point-of-total-surrender-relationship, grounded in who you are and your original face awareness, blending in unity, coming together as one, and yet holding the masculine and feminine polarity.....breathing in emptiness and fullness in pure non-dual bliss.

This is relationship at it's highest potential.

Photo and poem by Gary Stamper

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