Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sex, Passion & Enlightenment

Today I'm attending Satyen Raja's (an apprentice of David Deida) free all-day Warrior Sage workshop called "Sex, Passion & Enlightenment." The free workshop is apparently designed to sell you on the full three-day deal, which I'm pretty sure I'm going to do.

On the Warrior Sage website, Satyen says, "My goal is to give you what works--what really works in Real Time. Everything I teach on The Path of The WarriorSage is time-proven in the real world by thousands of my students. I will share with you only proven strategies, teachings and practices that are guaranteed to help you realize your deepest spiritual happiness fast!"

, huh? Asking you to pardon my skepticism about fast, I've heard too many good things about this teaching to ignore it, or the slick, used-car-salesman-no-risk-invitation approach of the website, which seems more designed to sell something like Viagra than enlightenment.

Workshops like these, I hope, are designed to help us more fully step into our authentic selves that "live with courage, intention, action, and endurance of the Warrior combined fluidly with the Humour, Transcendence, Wisdom and Love of the Sage" (again, from the website).

I certainly support that.

More after the workshop.

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