Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From 3rd Stage to Fusion

There's a place beyond David Deida's 3rd Stage relationship model of holding the masculine and the feminine at later stages of developmental consciousness. It's pretty well accepted that to get to later stages of development, you have to pass through the earlier stages.

I think it's true for 3rd Stage relationship, as well, on its way to the beyond.

This is a place where the masculine and the feminine both drop away, where the lines separating them cease to exist, and where it's no longer important how each other carry the masculine and the feminine in "real-ationship."

It's what I'm calling "fusion."

It's melting into non-dual awareness, two breaths becoming one, the breath becoming the entry point into the "fusion" of emptiness and form into a pure blissful state of the one. It is pure concsiousness from which everything....everything....else arises.


WH said...

Hey Gary,

I like where you're heading with this, but "fusion" may be a bad choice for the state you describe.

David Schnarch, who is popular among some of us integral folks, sees fusion as an early stage of relationship where the partners are so emotionally entwined that they cease to function as autonomous individuals.

See this post for a brief series of thoughts on fusion in relationships.


Gary Stamper said...

Hmmmm, I see what you mean. Too bad, because I actually like how it fits in with the unitive, or non-dual, better than Schnarch's use of it. Having come from a music background, it seems like a perfectly good waste of an great word where something less contemporay, or full, would have served. I suppose I'll have to find a new word. Thanks, Bill.