Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Relationship: An Integral Practice

The most sacred and exquisite practice in my life is my relationship with my beloved. It's a practice that is integral by it's very nature: Receiving, giving, feeling, shadow, surrender, fear, pleasure, pain.....It is an opportunity to stand in my power and face my weaknesses.

It is authentic. Not as a way to get somewhere, but a way to BE, here, now, this moment.

It is the relative expression of the non-dual.

Every bit of this practice is played out by a broken, wounded, hurting human body/mind with an intuition of what it means to be ecstatic, unlimited, and utterly happy.

Love works.

The Lover is ever drunk with Love.
He is mad,
She is free.

He sings with delight,
she dances with ecstasy.

Caught by our own thoughts,
we worry about everything.

But once we get drunk on that Love
whatever will be, will be.

Terry Patten on Integral Naked
Image from Dancing with the Divine

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