Monday, April 02, 2007

More on Integral Relationship

The conversation that centers around "Integral Relationship' continues with ebuddha's post here, that also includes a response from me. Perhaps, if we can get away from narrow definitions, we could agree to look at relationship as a "practice," part of a larger integral perspective.

Then Bill at Integral Options Cafe, posts this series of relationship articles and commentary here. Then ebuddha responds again with what I view as a trap: we create a box to put our definitions in, and then use the limitations of that self-created box to prove our point.

"If" we assume this, and then we assume this, then this must be true. How do you define a successfull relationship? Duration? Is that the primary measurement?

Perhaps an integral approach to relationship first is part of a new approach that will constitute a new definition of a successful relationship from a higher perspective. Again, I love this conversation. Not that many people seem to be having it.

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