Monday, April 23, 2007

A Workshop on Big Love Integral beginning May 12 in Seattle

"There is a place within all of us where we can be truly, deeply, and profoundly met. It is where we are seen in all of our light and purpose, in our shortcomings and shadow, and still seen as perfect. It is where we come fully, and consciously, into the fullness of ourselves as divine beings." - Gary Stamper

I've been quietly working on this for months, and am launching the first of a six-part workshop in Seattle on Saturday, May 12th. It's called "Big Love integral; A Participatory Exploration Into Conscious Romantic relationship in an Integral Context."

The inspiration, or source, of this realization, wakening, and work, comes from the divine and unexpected gift of “Big Love Integral” through relationship and intimacy. It can be transformational, and this awareness of Spirit in Relationship, already alive in all of us, can be gifted to others. Relationship can awaken our finest qualities, our sense of ourselves, Spirit, and if we pay attention, can transform and change us forever.

Why me?

Why not? No one else is doing it. I'm not a relationship expert. I'm not going to be teaching anything to anyone. What I am doing is facilitating a synthesis of information, knowledge, and awareness from a huge variety of sources. Special thanks go out to Bill Harriman at Integral Options Cafe, the relationship forum at Integral Institutes's Multiplex, and especially to my Beloved Goddess, Anyaa McAndrew, for her inspiration, help, and support.

I've seen the lists of integral subjects at Integral Naked, the AQAL Journal, and other sources, that talk about integral law, psychology, art, medicine, politics, spirituality, sexuality, leadership, and all of them have been incredibly valuable. Many of them have had a huge impact on my own development as a visionary salon leader. But each of these has a limited audience. Nor everyone is interested in integral law or _______ (insert your own field, here).

But involved in relationship. There are only a few fields that have the same kind of impact on us as relationship. I'm talking about the kind of relationship that includes sexuality and spirituality, but is not limited to just those, and hence, the name Big Love integral.

Because it's in a conscious, romantic, and intimate context, it's not about work relationships...or friendship...or even the love of a parent for a child.....that would be a much., much bigger workshop and might even take a lifetime to present. I've chosen to focus on this one, earth-shattering, conscious raising miracle between two people that changes each of their lives. It will focus on developmental models of relationship, love as a practice, exploring intimacy, the dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, the shadow of relationship, sex (there are so many!), sacred sexuality, Sacred Union, and much, much more.

In the introduction module on May 12, it will also use the AQAL model to explain relationship, and use relationship to explain the AQAL model: Something I find fascinating and totally useful because everyone is tapped into relationship.

I see my loved ones struggling with relationship. I struggle with relationship. We want it in our lives....we want it to be better....we want it to be Sacred. I want to contribute to that happening for all of us.

Sometimes people wonder what our purpose here on earth is.....I think it's to love. I hope you'll join me.

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