Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big Love Integral Website launched!

I've taken one more step in my quest to more fully live an integral life. Today I launched the BIG Love Integral website. This goes along with the first full-day presentation of the Seattle Big Love Integral workshop this coming Saturday, May 12th.

Consisting of six all day modules, the first module will be an introduction to the concept of Big love Integral, including a "Big Love" guided meditation I've developed, using relationship to describe the Integral framework, and then using the integral framework to define relationship: a nice twist, I think. In addition, we'll talk about what love is, and isn't, intimacy, deeper levels of intersubjectivty, radical intersubjectivity, and then define, very clearly, just what an integral relationship is.

There will be also be some experiential portions where the participants can take a deeper look at how they "do" relationship and intimacy, and suggestions on how to make their relationship better and more conscious.

So far, I'm having a great time putting this together, and I seem to be my own best student, as I continue to learn and grow from this process.


Tom Mull said...

I checked out the web site Gary. As usual, it looks great! =)

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your site and LOVE IT! WOW! One of my all time favorites!

And... I am from Seattle. Have lived in Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Duvall.... :-)

Thank you for linking my Intimacy site... I'm going to link you back! :-)

Blessings and peace,


Gary Stamper said...

Thanks, jennifer....I didn't realize you're local! We'll have to get together sometime.

Big Love,