Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So Nice To be Ahead of the Curve.....

Less than two weeks after I posted this article on this blog about Shamanic Breathwork (TM) and my thoughts on why I think it's an integral practice, this appears on Integral Naked:

Is There Such Thing as Integral Shamanism?
Summary: Is there such thing as an integral approach to native and shamanic traditions? Ken responds, "Absolutely." In every spiritual traditionĂ¢, "East, West, North, South,” there are teachers who recognize that in addition to honoring the gifts of their lineage, there are ways that they can make their tradition more comprehensive, complete, and integral. This kind of work progresses at the speed with which people step forward to take on this task, and due largely to the regressive and anti-integral flavor of native and shamanistic traditions as taught by American boomers over the past several decades, things have been unfortunately slow. However, as recognized by Integral Spiritual Center teacher Roger Walsh, these traditions have an enormous amount to offer, particularly regarding subtle states of consciousness.

The brave gentleman who initiated this conversation is working to bring an integral approach to a tradition that has been near to his heart for decades. If you also have some practice, tradition, or lineage that you want to make more integral, this conversation is a wonderful hit of inspiration.
Maybe Venus Rising and Integral Institute should talk. There could be many benefits to both, including service to the unfolding of Spirit. I'd love to facilitate that!


Jake Werre said...

Yo, buddy! I listened to that conversation just yesterday and found it quite moving. I actually got a bit choked up myself when Ken and the gentleman who asked him the question (I forget his name) made such a beautiful Heart connection via their personal experiences with the Lakota Sioux tradition. (Apparently Ken and Treya were married on sacred Lakota ground.) I felt it, deeply. We're talking lump in the throat and chills up the spine. Inspiring! I mean Integral Sun Dancing!! How cool would that be?!

Gary Stamper said...

'bout as cool as Integral Shamanic Breathwork, my friend!