Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Great SeattleIntegral/Ken Wilber Meetup

SeattleIntegral had its 52nd Ken Wilber Meetup tonight (one a month!). To everyone who was the meetup tonight, thank you for coming, It was a good one with a lot of participation and depth!

To Paul, and everyone, a question: What is it about the Lower Right Quadrant ("its" plural, social, systems, structure) that seems to prevent the Lower left Quadrant "We" space from arising at the same time? Why do we sometimes say "enough talk about structure," let's go to the heart?

Can we open, or keep open, our hearts while we have a systems and structure conversation? From some comments tonight, it would seem not, and that some might think they are mutually exclusive. Is it important to do so, or not? Why to both questions?

If we can't keep our hearts open while we talk about structure, why not? Don't all 4-quadrants arise (tetra-arise) at the same time?

I am seriously puzzled and troubled by this phenomena: that some people think that if you're having a discussion around the lower right quadrant, it excludes the possibility of anything taking place in the lower left quadrant. This seems to be a form of quadrant favoritism, or, in this case, a case of quadrant discrimination, and while we all have our favorite quadrants, to deny that they are already there doesn't quite seem integral.

As an aside, read Joe Perez' blog on the Meetup tonight, and an invitation to Spirit that should not be denied. I'm going to support the concept and suggest that Joe's idea might well be the project some of the group is seeking.

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