Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big Love Workshop Kicks Off

My new workshop, "Big Love Integral: A Participatory Exploration into Conscious Romantic Relationship in an Integral Context," kicks off Saturday in Seattle with the Introductory Module. Consisting of six modules held in consecutive months, there is an amazing amount of information and learning, by participants, and myself.

This has come about because I find myself in the first truly conscious relationship in my life of almost 62 years. It is the most challenging and wonderfully fulfilling, and easy, relationship I've ever had. I know... that's a paradox.
My partner is my mirror and is, therefore, a constant source of feedback, with both my positive and negative aspects shown to me in brilliant and inescapable light. It teaches me how to be in relationship with another, but also how to be in relationship with myself.
I believe the most important element in a conscious relationship is communication, and without it, relationship lapses into unconsciousness. Few of us were taught how to communicate well. We've has to learn by trial and error, often at great expense to our partners and to our selves. But you can be taught how to communicate.
Communication keeps us in sync with one another, and you practice and learn how to communicate, it forces you out of denial, facing myself so I can actually make choices about who I am and how I interact with my beloved.
Other aspects of conscious relationship are intimacy, compassion, forgiveness, patience, surrender, perseverance, and LOVE, the ability to fully open one's heart.
Conscious relationship is Soul-Centered, not ego-centered, and we'll be talking about all of that....and in an integral context.

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