Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Forward

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I'm not blogging enough, and I know it. Life. Life is in the way. I've got so much going on that someting has to give a bit, and yet, I know how important blogging anfd writing is to my integral practices. So what's been in the way?

Well, regular readers know about Big Love Integral, the Workshop on Conscious Romantic Relationship that I'm continuing to put together, and present as I go. I also moved this past weekend. Yes, I moved twice last year, and I loved the apartment I've been in for the past year, but an oppoprtunity came up (shall I say manifested?) to rent/sit a great house for a friend at a great price. In the Magnolia neighborhood, it boasts a view of Elliott Bay, the waterfront, the city, the Space Needle, and even Mt. Rainier on a clear day, and is only a 3-minute drive to my regular job. But moving, as I wrote last year, is a bitch, and it's taken three weeks to do that.

In addition, my lady Anyaa and I are buying an investment property, and I've been putting that deal together and we're making an offer this week. We've also started an online travel business, called World Ventures, where people can find the lowest fares, dream vacations, become a travel agent themselves with all the discounts and perks afforded travel agents, and allows us to write off all our travel and vacations.

Then there's the iboutique, my free lance design , the seminars and trips to expand my consciousness, putting together a new Breathwork Group in Seattle, SeattleIntegral, and my long distance relationship with my Beloved, Anyaa.

Phew....I've got to find some time to do some more blogging!

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