Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush - Coleen Rowley

In an earlier blog yesterday I suggested we send "ping pong" balls to Congress and the Senate to help them stand up to this administration. I also argued for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney lest they do even more damage than they've already done, claiming that just starting the process would force mobilzation and awareness that the legislative branch is now able to ignore....at our peril.

On the Huffington Post, Coleen Rowley writes about the Dangers of a Cornered George Bush. The possible scenarios again scream for the necessity of impeachment to begin.

"If the constitutional process of impeachment is under way when President Bush orders our military to begin a war against Iran, there is a good chance that, rather than salute like automatons and start World War III, our senior military would find a way to prevent more carnage until such time as the representatives of the people in the House have spoken. This administration's capacity for mischief would not end until conviction in the Senate. But initiating the impeachment process appears to be the only way to launch a shot across the bow of this particular ship of state. For it is captained by a president with a psychological makeup likely to lead to new misadventures likely to end in a ship wreck unless the Constitution is brought alongside and a new pilot boarded."

"George W. Bush is without conscience, and it would require a lengthy series of clinical sessions to find out what happened to it. By identifying himself as all good and on the side of right, he has been able to vanquish any guilt, any sense of doing wrong."

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