Friday, July 06, 2007

Who's Reading Me, Now?

I was commenting half jokingly tonight to Anyaa that it wasn't necessary that she send a letter to the Editor of What is Enlightenment magazine: Her blog (and mine) would be on their desks within a couple of days. I was wrong. Both were apparently reviewed heavily this afternoon by someone at WIE.

How do I know? Site meter told me.

Right after I posted this blog earlier today, someone from WIE spent about 35 minutes at my blog and viewed six pages, and then out-linked to Anyaa's blog, apparently to read what she had written.

No surprise. My hope is that this will spark a conversation that will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of what is enlightenment.

On another note:

I'll be gone for a few days. Anyaa and I are headed for Zion, Utah to spend four days doing a Total Integration Institute seminar, with Diamond and River Jameson, on Whole Being Conscious Evolution, another approach to living an integral life (my words).

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