Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Search For A New Worldview

From the Big Bang to Big Brain, here is a modern creation story, an inspirational starting point for embracing conscious participation in the evolutionary partnership of our time. At the comtemporary edge of human consciousness, we must be co-evolutionary partners.

The scientific revolution of the past century has brought about nothing less than a new perception of our reality, a new worldview. This means all of us are at some stage of changing the way we look at, think about and understand business, politics, nature, religion, values, health care, education, families, communities and everyday life. It’s a big change in a very short time. Books like “Dark Age Ahead” and “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” all ask what our response to this will be. Will we fight it all the way with possible dire consequences? Or will we embrace this change of fundamental perspective, and in so doing create the future we want and need?

Such scale of change can be met proactively or blind-side us. The challenge ahead is to reinvent ourselves, our economies, our institutions, our communities as ecologically sustainable, economically viable, equitable and inclusive. There are people already working for this in every community. But their numbers are not yet enough to tip the public will. The number who recognize the need is not too small. But those acting upon it are a minority.
An idea emerged . . . Universarium Fair.
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