Monday, July 30, 2007

Send Some Balls to Congress

While listening to Big Ed Schulz on Air America radio this afternoon, a caller offered a brilliant idea on how to get Congress to stand up to this administration: shame and humiliation (I love it). Nothing else has worked.....

Go down to a sporting goods store and buy four sets of two ping pong balls, one set for your Representative in Congress, one set for your Senator, one set for Senator Chuck Schumer, and one set for Nancy Pelosi. Stick two of 'em in a 5-7 padded mailing pouch, and send them off to these people with a note reading: "Since you seem to have lost your balls, I thought you could use these. Time to stand up to this administration and say 'no more' ."
I have not been a fan of impeachment as I thought it would do more harm to the country than good. I've changed my mind. The potential harm this administration could do by it's "F*** you" attitude to us and the world could be much, much worse.
If you laugh this off, do I need to send you a set, too?


Vigilante said...

GR8 idea!

CJ Smith said...


A couple of problems....

The Dems do not have 60 votes. In fact with Sen. Johnson (Dakota) still recovering from his brain hemorrhage and Lieberman voting as a Republican, they've really only got 49. Meaning they need 11 Republicans.

The would have 70 votes tomorrow for making the Baker-Hamilton Commission the Law of the country. But Harry Reid is too ball-less to take on his own left-wing wackjobs who want a withdrawal and nothing else.

Only other option vote to cut off the funding completely, which wouldn't pass but I think is just plain evil and would in true Democratic fashion grab political defeat from the jaws of victory--i.e. they would immediately lose the Senate and House and go into the wilderness politically for a generation.

Personally I think Reid is cynically realizing Bush will take the Republican party down with him and is sacrificing Americans for his own political party. [I have a low an opinion of Harry Reid as I do of Bush....which is to say very low indeed].

Plus, you impeach Bush and Cheney becomes prez. Telling me that's better--we'd be in a war with Iran yesterday.

If they don't have 60 votes for closing debate on a resolution Bush would veto, how do they have 2/3 majority?

Not to mention you don't just withdrawal without a plan. It takes at least 12 months to get everyone and all the equipment out--probably more like 15 mos.

Not to mention getting VISAs to all the Iraqis who worked with the Coalition + their families, otherwise they'll be dead the first day the US starts the pullout.

Not to mention living with the bloodbath/genocide we will have been partners in.....And of course the current strategy is a total failure as well.

I don't think ping pong balls quite represents the reality and complexity of all that.

Peace. Chris

Gary Stamper said...

Hi Chris,

Thoughtful, serious commenta, and most all you say I agree with.... however, a few things: Impeachment isn't really necessary, just the actual process of beginning investigations into impeachement of both Bush and Cheney could seriously tip the scales for needed support once the majority of sheeple are made aware of the crimes of this administration, and the right can no longer publicly support it.

The process of the investigation alone could slow them down and tie them up enough that no invasion of Iran, or other mischief would be possible.

That's why we need to send some balls to Washington...and not just to one side. What we're doing now just isn't working all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I heard that too.
Freshest idea I've heard in awhile.
I already sent some balls to them.
I also found a site that will send off a pair of balls for you when I was searching for this story at
And if anyone says don't impeach those criminals then I say send a pair off balls to them too!