Friday, July 20, 2007

More Love, Less Suffering

MY BELOVED left Seattle this afternoon after spending 30 days here with me. For those of you who haven't read of Anyaa in this blog before (you must really be new!), she lives in North Carolina, and we've been in serious face-to-face relationship for 9 months, and began speaking on the phone for hours at a time 2 months before that.

This has been made possible because Anyaa facilitates The Shamanic Priestess Process (TM) all over the country and was just beginning a 9-month circle in Portland when she called me in, and I found her, thanks to an online dating site. We'll officially be at one year on August 30th. A milestone. She's now beginning a Seattle circle which will keep her coming back to Seattle for that period of time, maybe more.

What an amazing journey this has been with this amazingly conscious woman. I've never been in a relationship like this before, and she feels the same. The things we've manifested together during this 11 month period, starting with each other, are a wonder, and continue to unfold almost daily.

Already awakening in my own path, this relationship has kicked my consciousness into high gear, challenging me, calling me on my stuff - sometimes lovingly, sometimes brutally, read David Deida's The Way of the Superior Man - teaching me to compassionately receive not only love, but criticism, all the while keeping my heart open with having to defend myself or become defensive.

It continues to teach me about all the things I talk about in Big Love Integral: engulfment, abandonment, core wounds, opening - and to keep opening - my heart, all the relationship practices, expressing and releasing, how it all fits within an integral context, and much, much More.

I know....the title of this post, More Love, Less Suffering, is easy when things are going great, and much harder when it's not happening. But what that's about is, as Anyaa left this afternoon, I found myself not suffering, even though she won't be back for three weeks, when we'll get to spend another 10 days together, deepening once more. I'm not suffering because, as our love continues to deepen and keeps going to new unimaginable levels, I don't doubt. own relationship inspires me to deeper and deeper levels with my Big Love workshop. Pure manifestation. This is my intent. This is my reality.

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